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Se ER (p.E.) German JuniorCh, German VDH / German Club DKBS / Luxemburg Champion
Kwando von der Feldstiege


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Int Arnheim
Jan de Gids
Excellent 1 RCAC, RCACIB

NVBH Speciality
Saskia Vermeylen (Belgium)
Excellent 3
5 years, compleet scissors bite, Long head, dark amandel shape eyes, Little ears well placed. Beautiful mask. Would prefer a little more neck. Good angulation in the front, sufficiant in the back. Good straight back.  Would prefer a deeper coat but nice red colour and good charbonage. Calm presentation. A little close behind but from the side a good food placement.

Int. Groningen
Pauline Stern Hanf (Netherlands)
Excellent 1
Complete scissorbite. Elegant male with beautiful silhouette. Well formed medium long head. Beautiful mask. Dark eye. Elegant but Well set stop. Good parallel. Good dark eye. Well placed ears, which he shows a bit difficult sometimes. Beautiful neck and ruff. Short, slightly sloping backline. Effective angulation. Appropriate bone. Beautiful warm red colour. Excellent charbonne. Not in full coat. Good and easy movement. Friendly and open character.

Int Eindhoven
Sandra Dubach (Netherlands)
Excellent 2
5 years compleet scissors bite, Middle size type. Beautiful long expressive head. High mask, dark eye that could have been more amandel shaped. Good pigment, sufficiant sizzeling. Middle long ear of good shape that could be higher placed. sufficiant stop and head planed. could have a little more neck. Short body. excellent troup. Would like a bit more volume in chest. good bone and feet. excellent colour and coat. oke angulation. Good movement with good tail carrige. Exellent presented.

BSB Speciality
Firmin Aertgeerts (Belgium)
Excellent 3
4 Years, complete scissor bite, beautiful middle size male, good head with good mask, beautiful dark almond-shaped eyes, good parallel , slightly stopp, good angulation, good stand, good croup, good chest, nice hair, excellent colour, sadly not in full condion , very good stand, excellent temperament , good movement a bit close

NVBH Speciality
Jesper Anderson (Sweden)
Excellent 2
Selected for p.E
4 years, ellegant square male in a little thin condition, head good length well chisseled, plat skull. minimum stop, a little roman nose, a bit pronounced cheeks, good neck, strock backline, sligtly sloping croup., chest lacks some depth, good bone, a little soft in pasture, ears of good very good size and well set, dark all,momd sjaüe eyes, very good masking, warm red color with good charbonage of very good texture, little narrow in the front, back angulation well ballanced, moves very well with good drive, nice temperament

KUCBH Clubmatch
Jan Ralph (UK)
Excellent 1
second best male
4 years old, beautiful male, very typical male, scissor bite, full condition, good mask, eye of good shape, excellent  colour and pigment, good unterline, good shoulder, excellent topline, very well movement, well set ears, good movement from front and from site. Exellent presentation and character

Int. Utrecht
Vanhoenacker (Belgium) Excellent 1 CAC/CACIB
Good type, good head, sufficient lenght of neck, strong back, good developed chest and front, good bone, angulations and stands good on his legs, good coat and color, typical movement and free movement
Int Leiden
Bakker van de Woestijne
Excellent 3
4 years, male of beautiful type. Good size and body proportions. Masculine head with a littlebit round skull. Beautiful dark eyes and ears. Correct bite. Beautiful neck and backline. Harmonical angulations. Stunning colour. Exelent mask. Brisk movement but while moving a slooping topline. Friendly temprement.

DKBS Xmas Show
Hana Pisarcíková
Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A.
Almost 4 years old male, scissorbite, middle size and bone structure, ecxellent type, beautiful long head with high expression eyes, excellent ears, beautiful over- and underline with typical Sihouette, in stand and moving, good Chest, front chest could be more developed, average but balanced angulations, very good movement, excellent coattexture and condition, colour and mask, friendly and attentively presentation

Int Zwolle
Rob Douma (Netherlands) Excellen 1
Male 3 years, excellent quadratic male, very nice breeding typ,good ears, scissor bite, typical expression, good neck, correct body with correct angulation, excellent stand, excellent paws, beautiful coat , excellent movement with good tail

DKBS Speciality
Meike Krug (Germany)
Excellent 3
3-year medium-sized dog of excellent type, long Expressive male head with very good parallel head lines, slight stop, excellent mask excellent dark almond-shaped eyes, excellent set and carried small ears, very good neck and solid topline, excellent chest, complete scissor bite , balanced angulation front and rear, on the whole, a bit steep, could have a bit more forechest, excellent coat in color, texture and Charbonnage, friendly nature, excellent movement with very good drive, paws tightly in the front

KUCBH Speciality
Michelle Bidault (France) Excellent 2
3 years, elegant type, medium size, complete scissor bite, elegant long head with good mask, good Pralismus, elongated stop, excellent expressive dark eyes, medium sized ears very well placed, correct length of neck, very well-built body, good back with excellent croup, correct chest, good rear angulation, shoulder a little steep, forechest little tight, excellent bone structure for this type of dog, very good movement with an excellent presentation

Int Luxemburg
Wenche Eikeseth (Norway) Excellent 2 RCACL
No Judge Report
Int Groningen
Hans van den Berg (Netherlands) Excellent 1
Excellent type, could have a little more substance, good eyes and a good base of the ears, forechest should be more, good neck and good neck-back line, good angulationfront and rear, good coat and color, excellent gait

Open Class
NVBH Speciality
Mme. Varlet (France) Excellent 6
Médium size,excellent coat, excellent charbonnage, Excellent black eyes,the head is expressive, head with high mask, ears small,medium, a bit large on the base, the head is a little bit round, small stop, the neck can be more longer, excellent back, good bones, the chest can be more big, short body, excellent angulations, front and back good mouvements, good tail, excellent character

ESZ Dortmund
Jan de Gids (Netherlands) Excellent 3
Beautiful 3 year old male, nice head and expression, good ears, dark eyes, complete scissor bite, harmoniously built, nice short back, good bone structure, skin structure on the belly should be better, beautiful tail and harmonious movement

Int Karlsruhe Saskia Vermeylen (Belgium) Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A. CAC/CACIB
2 years 10 months, male of good size, complete scissors, very good head, good eyes, dark color, small ears that maybe carried higher, mini painters stop, good topline, good chest, is well on its paws, good angulation, friendly temperament , fluid movement, tail worn funny
Int. Dortmund
Melchior (Luxemburg) Excellent
2.5 years, he missed something for a male with good head installations,good set high set ears,dark eyes, beautiful neck-line and back, slightly steep in the  back angulations, good bone structure, little bit flat feet, which unscrew the front,very nice presentation, very friendly temperament, good movement, a little tight in the hindquart

BSZ Dortmund
Hana Pisarcíková
Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A. CAC/CACIB
2,5  years, scissorsbite, average size, excellent typ, beautiful head, good parallel lines, excellent eyes and ears, wonderful expression, beautiful silhouette, good chest, forechest must develop more, short firm back, average angulation behind, not so much in front, easy movement, could be more expansive, exellent coat, colour and mask, friendly and attentive presentation

DKBS Autum Show
Dominique Arsene
Excellent 2 VDH-Ch.A. Res
Complete scissors, small dog, with good Charbonnage, good neck, the back is facilitated restricted, sloping tail, lack of chest to close forechest, angulation front to steep, very good back, beautiful elegant head, the forehead is slightly sloping, of good scoop, good pine, beautiful dark almond-shaped eyes, beautiful triangular ears, well worn, good movement, behind a little tight.

BHCN Speciality
Firmin Aertgeerts (Belgium)
Excellent 1
Selection SE
2,5 years complete scissors bite Nicely built male, beautiful head well sizzled good parallel planes, medium stop Goed mask, good pigment dark almond shaped eyes beautiful ears and good placement Good angulation in front and back, good bone Could have a little more neck. Good strong back good croup, a little weak in pastors good developed chest Good coat quality but totally out of condition Very good type with excellent temperament good movement, but moves close in the front

Int Bremen
Hanne Laine Jensen (Denmark) Excellent 2 VDH-Ch.A Res. RCAC/RCACIB Prima balance, with an elegant long head, nice small ears, good eyes, long muzzle with correct bite, highly worn neck, great topline, nice croup and tail, great depth of chest, correct angulated with strong bones and paws, fine coat of Excelent color and Charbonnage moves elegantly.

DKBS Speciality
Marie Varlet (France) Excellent 4
complete scissors, fauve, elegant type of medium size, expressive head, well masked, correct parallelism, especially dark eyes, medium ears well worn, good topline, good chest, excellent ribs, correct angulation, good bone structure, correct forechest, well built, good gait, good character and good performance

Nat Arnheim
Beenen-Sluijters (Netherlands) Excellent 2
Over 2 years old, lovely breeding type, beautiful formed head but the nose could be slightly flatter, beautiful dark eye, nice small ears and correct bite. Good size and good proportions of the body. good chest but the under line of his body go's up a little to much. good tail good bone. beautiful coat colour and quality. easy movement with perfect tail carrage.

NVBH Speciality
Beata Strybrova (Czechia) Excellent
27 months, complete scissorsbite, complete testicle, medium size male, very good head, a little sloopy face head, long stop, excellent high set ears, excellent dark eyes , nice shaped, good compact body, shorter neck , steep in front, very good angulations in the back, should have more chest + front chest, excellent coat, very nice mahogany colour, full mask, excellent movement, excellent temperament, excellent presentation

Int Dortmund
Firmin Aertgeerts (Belgium) Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A. CAC/CACIB
27 months, complete scissor bite, very nicely built and elegant dog, nice head, good chiselled, good parallels, lighter stop, exquisite mask, dark almond-shaped eyes, excellent pigment, small ears could be a bit higher, very nice neck-back line with good croup, good angulation front and rear, good leg position, a little weak in the joints, very well developed chest and good loins, exquisite texture, color and Charbonage, good movement, but tight front and rear, excellent temperament, very nice type

Int Groningen
Jean Lawless (Ireland)
Excellent 2
2 years, good overall type, very nice and harmony outline, good coat and condition, medium long head, could be cleanner in cheeks, skull is just little round. Excellent lips and pigment, lovely eye and expression, nice ears, excellent neck and topline a little stopping on the croup, could have more for chest.
Good angulation behind, a little straight in front. Stand weak in front feet would be tighter.
Moves oke from behind a little weak in front. Excellent Character!

Int Eindhoven
Sandra Duback
Excellent 4
2 years, complete scissor bite. Beautiful type, long head with beautiful expression. Stop flowing beautiful mask with well-shaped dark eyes. Ears a bit too wide at the base. Good parallel lines, beautiful pigmentation. Good neck, good back. Chest needs to develop. Slightly steep in the upper arms has to develop. Good angulation in the hindquarters. Good croup, beautiful bones. Feet could be a little more compact. Exquisite coat color, not in complete condition at this moment. Quiet presentation, nice temperament. Go back a bit tight, moves well with good tail. Must total mature. But excellent type

Intermedien Class
Int Karlsruhe
Meike Krug (Germany)
Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A.
21 months, medium male, harmoniously built male, long expressive head, dark almond-shaped eyes, excellent mask, good head lines with minimal stop, well set and carried ears, very nice topline, chest must continue to evolve, upper arm, forearm angulation a little steep, angled back correctly, excellent coat and color and Charbonnage, friendly character, correct gait with very nice boost, a little paw narrow in front

BSZ Dortmund
Marion ten Cate (Netherlands)
Excellent 3
21 months, good measure, elegant, very short in the body, good masculine head, good pigment, good length, slightly shallower stop, high carriage of ears, forehand could be better angled, is slightly turned out, was a little more substance in the body have adequate angulation in the hindquarters, relapsing full gear, be worn low harmonic from the side, the tail should be alittle bit lower.

BHCN Speciality
Bente Harlem (Norway)
Excellent 1
20 months, Complete siccorbite, good sinze, excellent typ, beautiful expression, dark almond eyes, good mask, split and pigment, well set medium size ears, good and topline, a bit long in the loin, acceptable rear angulation, a bit staight in front, good bone and feet, excellent coat and textur, warm red colour, good movement from the side, alittle bit close behind, pretty tail and good presentation!

Nat. Krefeld
Sandra Dubach (Netherlands)
Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A. CAC
20 months, complete scissors, beautifully built male with elegant head, nice mask, nice dark eyes, good stop and parallelismus, good Ciselisierung, good pigment, nice small ears, a little broad, well angulated at the base, steep upper arm, back, good top line, bottom line a bit flat, chest must develop still, good croup, good croup + paws, very beautiful color is somewhat wide rear, rotate the elbows out, sufficiently striding gait with good tail, good temperament and presentation

Int. Erfurt
Günther Althoff (Germany)
Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A. CAC/CACIB
Country Winner
Red-brown, well charboniert, good mask, well-shaped head, almost parallel head lines, enough stop, triangular still well carried ears, almost square body with good topline, chest could be a bit deeper, angulation front steep rear sufficient in the state paws turning out a little, dark eyes, smooth gait should be some space Cross

Junior Class
Int Echt
Willemine van Deijl (Netherlands)
Excellent 1 CACJ
17 months old, complete scissors bite, beautiful, young, typical male, charbonniert red, not quite in the fur, beautiful expressive head, excellent mask, beautifully shaped dark eyes, well carried ears, beautiful neck, sufficient depth of chest, could be a bit more forechest have beautiful short body, good croup and tail, sufficient angulation rear, front slightly less, beautiful dog with a beautiful nature, good leg work and paws, great gait with great tail carriage17 months old, complete scissors bite, beautiful, young, typical male, charbonniert red, not quite in the fur, beautiful expressive head, excellent mask, beautifully shaped dark eyes, well carried ears, beautiful neck, sufficient depth of chest, could be a bit more forechest have beautiful short body, good croup and tail, sufficient angulation rear, front slightly less, beautiful dog with a beautiful nature, good leg work and paws, great gait with great tail carriage

DKBS Speciality
Benoit Thevenon (France)
Excellent 2 VDH-Ch.A-Ju.Res Complete scissor bite, excellent eye catching some sharp, exquisite long head, medium length ears well worn, good parallelism, propotionen very good body, exquisitely toned back, good croup, excellent chest for young male, good bone structure, steep shoulder, very good angulations behind, more close forechest, very good movement.

11.05.2013 Int. Dortmund Gunther Althoff (Germany) Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A.-Ju.
reddish brown male, slightly charboniert nor good mask, dark eyes, triangular ears, which should be a bit tighter, good head lines, little stop, good type, square body, good topline, chest still has to develop something angulation front and rear a bit short , in the state paws a little turning out, even gait

EZS Dortmund Willemine van Deijl (Netherlands) Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A.-Ju. Europayouthwinner Scissor bite, 15 months, excellent dog, good size, beautiful coat, well-shaped head with good expression, dark, well-shaped eyes, nice mask, good pigment, good parallel, ears could be a little higher, good topline, good depth of chest, good croup and tail set, nice neck, angled rear exquisite, slightly less forward, feet should be a little stronger now and the right paw turns out, runs well with good tail carriage

05.05.2013 Nat. Oldenburg Dr. Levente Miklos (Hungary) Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A.Ju.
Best Youth Tervueren
Well proportioned typical male, very beautiful head, elegant neck, very correct top and bottom lines, steep upper arms, angled behind typical, typical movement back a bit tight as possible

27.04.2013 BSB Speciality
Hana Pisarcíková
Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A-Ju. Youthwinner 15 months, scissor bite, excellent size and build, long head, light stop, good head lines, beautiful eyes and ears, very good expression,
excellent neck length, good depth of chest, requires a little more front chest, short back tighter, a little too steep in the forequarters,
average angulation behind, loose motion, could run forward graders, excellent coat and texture, color and mask, authentic presentation

02.02.2013 Int. Eindhoven Myriam Vermeiren (Belgium) Excellent 4
Complete siccorbite, very good pigmentation, good muzzle and stop. Lightly round skull. Dark eyes, small ear that could be higher placed. Good neck. Short tight topline, good croupe. Good deep brest.Ellebows good be more connected. Good angulation in front and rear.Good mask, coat and color. When walking he is near in the rear, and a bit loose in front. Good tail

11.11.2012 Int Karlsruhe
Amanda McLaren (UK)
Excellent 3
Complete scissor bite, medium-sized dog with good proportions, neck could be better supported, more beautiful, square body, straight back, good bone and good substance, good angulation, moderately long, well-masked head, croup slightly sloping, flat on top, moderate stop, good parallel lines, high mask, muzzle slightly tapered, exquisite, dark eyes of good shape, medium sized ears, a little broad but well worn at the base, for his age, good movement, well carried tail

14.10.2012 BSZ Dortmund
Jesper Anderson (Sweden)
very promising 1
10 months, somewhat reserved, maskulinier young dog, square body, long zyselierter head, catching a bit convex, minimal stop, excellent mask, very good eyes and ears, good neck lines, firm back, very good croup, good chest for his age, very good bone, a bit soft in the ankle, a little steep in the shoulder, good angulations behind, eteppt a bit forward, slightly loose elbows
(The judge has made ​​a mistake, Kwando was almost 9 months)

08.09.2012 Nat Krefeld
very promising 2
7 1/2 months, well proportioned male, compact, very nice head, very good head, very good nose, scissors bite, very good withers, firm back, vörzügliches gait, very good coat

DKBS Juniorday
Meike Krug (Germany)
No placement in Babyclass
5.5 months, promising young male, puppy teeth alternately, excellent long head, correct head lines for the age, minimal stop, exquisite mask, correct scheduled and carried ears, medium size and somewhat deep, in the shells, very expressive, dark, almond-shaped eyes excellent neck and back, to excellence in line for the age, very nice angulation in the front, especially the back, exquisite, harmonious overall appearance, class coat for age, nice color with good approaches from Charbonnage, friendly, well-balanced temperament, exquisite coordinated gait for the age, something pfoteneng rear, slightly loose forward.

DKBS Speciality
Jean Lawless (Ireland)
No placement in Babyclass 18 weeks old, good size and bone structure, excellent type, long, well chiselled head, dark eyes with good expression, good parallels, minimal stop, good size, beautiful, dark mask, excellent neck and back, a little sloping croup, good angulations front and rear, good chest for his age, is slightly loose in the front paws, free in movement.