In Heart


Asco vom Waldecker Land



Veteran class
20.06.2010 DKBS Junior and Old day
Gunther Althoff (Germany) Place 2
12-year-old, strong male with still good bite, balanced head with good lines, dark eyes, good ears, almost square body with taut back, still good angulation, even in the movement and powerful.

04.06.2006 DKBS Speciality
Janice Clifford (UK) Place 2
8 year old male, scissor bite, some teeth are missing, certificate is available, excellent long head, good expression, dark, almond-shaped eyes, enough chasing, medium-sized ears, could be a little higher, good topline, body a little too long, good withers, good topline, dome slightly sloping, of good bottom line, moderate front and rear angulation, nice fluid movement, but turned out a little.
Open class
10.06.2000 DKBS Speciality
Willemine van Deijl (Netherlands) Very good
2 years old, good guy, good size, reddish brown, Charbonnage could still improve slightly, scissor bite (canine by vet extracted-certificate) well shaped, good expression, but ears are a little big and could be set higher, dunke, well shaped eyes shows, by barking uncertain, good neck, very good short body, good topline, good angulations rear, front enough, good croup and good tail set, good bone structure, in the movement forward too loose, well behind

05.05.2000 ESZ Dortmund Mr Deschuymere (Belgium) Very good
Scissors bite in which the fang and the P1 upper left missing head with vaults catcher, good mask, brown eyes, flat on top, long well carried ears, korekkter neck, firm back, sloping croup, to open in stand back, shoulder angulation is correct, rear angulation good coat of good texture, striding gait, tail worn funny and brought back in motion

13.12.1999 Int. Kassel Alfred Klapproth (Germany) Excellent 4
20 months, scissor bite, ie upper P1 by accident lost (certificate is available), nice head, head lines are parallel, nose slightly bent, eyes, ears well set and carried, neck and shoulder line is dark and almond-shaped correctly, tailset visible abdominal well tucked up, angulation front and rear properly, something elongated feet, gait with little boost

17.10.1999 BSZ Dortmund
Miss Harley (Belgium) Very good
scissor bite, P 1 above is missing (certificate vet.), Good shape, Roman nose, well carried ears, good stand and good feet, lack of pigment around the eyes, good hair,
well in the back, sloping croup, good angulations

Junior class
22.05.1999 DKBS Speciality
Amanda McLaren (UK) Very good
14 months old male of good square body shape and bright red color, a complete scissor bite, medium-large head, rounded forehead, catching not grade, medium brown almond-shaped eyes, long ears that he should not present when he shows himself, then he has good neck lines, good back and good croup, good rear angulation, front a bit steep, chest deep enough for his age, good bone structure, good chains, very good presentation once he calms down,
seen from the side excellent gait, in the movement, the withers drop from front still slightly loose.

11.04.1999 Nat Oldenburg
Hanne Laine Jensen (Denmark) Excellent 1 VDH-Ch.A.-Ju.
Good size, satisfactory length, long of noble head with great expression, good ears and eyes. Nice neck, good depth of chest and width. Fest in the overline. Well carried tail, well angulated front and rear with strong bones and paws. Moves freely but with short steps. Correct mask. Missing Charbonnage and is very excited in the ring.

Puppy class
16.10.1998 BSZ Dortmund
Gunther Althoff (Germany) promising Complete scissor bite, red-brown dog with a good mask, stretched head, head lines something devergierend, well getrangen, medium-sized ears, good stop, nice neck-back line, square body, good angulation, feet slightly gedeht in the state to the outside, ground covering gait, male can be Do not touch and needs show training