In Heart

Asco vom Waldecker Land


When I think of you , I think of so many memories . What we have experienced everything and made ​​in the 14 years together .
You were so good as always by my side and I on your .
You got me often better known than any human . You knew without words what mood I was and always have been my mirror.
That was not always easy.
You were a strong character and are you remained faithful to the end. You came to me with an unwilling growling and went with the same indignant growl.
Even that was not always easy.
What we have done it all. We were on dogs places , agility and have made a test of endurance . We walked infinitely many hours and have played . Most of all you were the unreasonable tennis balls. Thus you have you rubbing the teeth , so that in the end there was not much about , even though you do not have to keep all the teeth .
Then Apollo came to be when you were four years old. You have it easily accepted, even if you 've had it so much stress that it has cost you almost all of the hair . You've been chief , without the need to fight it out first , and until the end . You just did what you wanted , regardless of whether Apollo has fitted the . I miss your good training system here at the moment very much.
We have been on holiday and did you always felt comfortable there , where I was.
You've loved to drive and easy to be able to .
We have you shown at exhibitions. Just like that.
We have to beat as often feared when you were sick. I always was afraid of THE day and was afraid of it can not.
In the end I could, because I knew you wanted it . You have lived at the end was for me , not for you. As you lay there asleep , and your face was as peaceful as long no more, you have given me a part of your peace . Your last gift to me
We had so many good years , another gift . I could write so much about you and it could not express anyway, how much I have lost.
Forever yours ...

For my best friend

In four days the first year . The first year without you. Without your nose where it did not belong anywhere without your paws wore everywhere you go where I was. Without your love , without your smell , without your whining and your growl. You were always against everything always true to you , do not let you bend , were a more difficult but more pronounced character. I'll probably never get a dog like you. One with which I had to fight for everything that was my faithful than I could ever imagine . The even at the end only lived for me and not giving up .
A year without you and I have not had not a second in this year the feeling that I am only half present.
I feel amputated , my heart weighs tons, you live forever in it. Your shadow remained invisible to me . I sometimes physical pain when I think of you .
I've always known that it is hard , I've always had fear of the day , thought I can not do it . I've managed a year without you and it was hard and yet lighter than I would have ever guessed it .
Partly because I know that it could not be helped . It was not your desire , and certainly not mine. If I had one wish I'd want you back for good.
There were times this year where I could bear it , but times like right now, where I can hardly stand it . Yes even a year later. I do not know if that ever changes . Grief can not stop you , there are people who say this was just a dog. Yes but for me the best, the best friend , one of me knew better than I knew myself , one who understood everything , without that I had to say something and explain . One who has always listened . What man can already say about himself ? There are also people who say one years mourning must now but really be enough. No, grief has no boundary requirements and is something that we have to make with ourselves . It does eventually hurt less , yes. Man makes his peace with it at some point , because you have it . Still, I 'm afraid I'll have the rest of my life tears for you and miss you. Even if the other dogs here who also have a big place in my heart for me You were just the " A " , my soul dog.