In Heart


Apollo von der Burg Nassau



Nat. Krefeld
Sandra Dubach (Netherlands)
Place 2 VDH-Ch.A.-Vet.
11.5 years, and in good shape, medium long head, good stop, slightly rounded skull, beautiful dark eyes, head could be a little more elegant, medium-long well carried ears a bit wide at the base, excellent pigment, good neck and shoulder line slightly sloping croup, nice underline, good angulation front, back a little stronger, a little more compact paws could be (age), matching bone, beautiful hair, is still afloat with fun through the ring, good temperament and presentation

Youth / Veternanday
Meike Krug (Germany)
Place 1
10-year-old medium-sized harmoniously developed Groenendaelmale, excellent condition for age, correct bite, medium length, strong masculine head, matching the body, parallel header lines, excellent stop, exquisite dark almond-shaped eyes, small, well set and exquisitely carried ears, correct neck and back, slightly sloping croup, good underline, upper arm / forearm angulation a little steep, heavily angled rear, correct coat of very beautiful black color, friendly, well-balanced temperament, correct gait with plenty of drive, a bit tight at the back.

11.06.2011 DKBS Speciale
Willemine van Deijl (Netherlands)
Place 2
9 year old medium sized dog with good substance, good coat, good silhouette, medium long head, not quite parallel, beautiful dark eyes, flat cheek, carried high ears good bite, good top line, good underline, slightly sloping knoll, exquisite chest condition, good angulation rear, ample front, stands well in the state with beautiful neck carriage, medium long body, excellent nature goes, with enough thrust and beautiful tail carriage 

Open class
DKBS Speciale
Herr Dambrian (Belgium) Excellent
Complete scissor bite, head slightly worn well too strong relative to the body, dark eye, concave profile, ears, however, good bone structure, angulation are too high, correct, slightly open rear dewclaws, has excellent presentation and friendly, good movement, running from front panel narrow and crosses.

DKBS Speciale
Alfred Klapproth (Germany)
Very Good
2 year old male with correct scissors, good parallel lines, correct stop, medium long ears set high, carried upright, good pigmentation on the lips, neck, well set, the withers should be stressed, the back is short, the croup, however, slightly sloping and too long, too steep angulations front, rear correctly, correct stand front and rear, front paws well closed, slightly open at the back, hackeneng in the movement back

ESZ Dortmund
Firmin Aertgeerts (Belgium)
Very Good
3 years old, complete scissors bite, medium-sized dog, good parallelism and stop, dark eyes, medium length ears very well set, very well chiselled head, good back, but sloping croup, good leg position, good angulation front and rear, stands behind French, has two dewclaws, very good state, very good location, very good textile (hair texture) is not in full coat, very good gear but the elbows are turned outward, high carried tail while running..

Int. Hannover
Alfred Klapproth (Germany)
Very Good 4
slender male with complete scissor bite medium length well carried ears; sufficiently elongated head with good head lines, dark brown eyes, the fishing seems a little heavy, good length of neck, almost square body, front scarce angulation; stand in front good, rear a bit far andf turning out; lifeless gait, heels close

BSZ Dortmund
Frau Barbe (Netherlands)
Very Good
Complete scissor bite, an elegant young male of 17 months, from the appearance too young for the open class, long, good head, slightly round skull, good stop, something round, dark eyes, well set ears, good neck and square back, sloping croup , nor too little breast; angulation harmoniously but a bit too little, a bit long paws, short tail, good coat, but not long

DKBS Speciale
Herr Dambrian (Belgium)
Very Good 2
complete scissor bite, excellent pigmentation, nice eye, medium long ears, very well worn, eyes Need and cheekbones to pronounced nose lowered slightly, it lacks chiseling under the eyes, nice neck, firm back, but rising towards rear, correct chest, there is a lack something on the stomach, good angulation, the paws could be a bit closed, coat of good texture and length, dangles the front legs, rear turning out, correct tail

BSZ Dortmund
Janci Clifford (UK)
Promising 1
Seven-months male with complete scissor bite, head already quite strong, stop something strong, catching good length, but could be better chiselled, handsome, dark, expressive eyes, medium length, well carried ears, neck of good length, withers not stressed body pretty long, too long and sloping, enough depth of chest, good grades limbs, good bone structure, back turned out in the state of something in the back of the movement are a bit tight rump and turning out, gait has more evenly. Front angulation a little steep, rear angulation good.